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This hovercraft is a true 1/4 scale model of a personal hovercraft that Ecklund Engineered Products is interested in putting into production. The size of the hovercraft will be the same as a snowmobile which will allow it to be easily manuvered and handled by an individual. Unlike a traditional hovercraft, this design will use technologies that are new to the industry and will allow it to become a truly user friendly design. The technologies used will allow this hovercraft to be used as easily as a snowmobile or personal watercraft is used today.

This hovercraft would be a major asset to any government agency that needs to have a low impact vehicle for environmental or safety concerns.

Some of the technologies used are not disclosable at his time due to future patentability concerns. 

We look forward to hearing about your interest or involvement in this project and will answer any questions you have about this design. 

Please contact us at: mark@ecklundengineered.com