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Faucet Handle

Tamper Resistant Faucet Handle
Patent No. US 5,971,354
The "Tamper Resistant Faucet Handle" is a patented design that is a low cost retrofit for existing faucets that will provide protection from scald injuries. Bathtubs, sinks, washrooms, etc. can all be protected cost effectively with this product. Residential housing, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and others can all benefit from being protected.
Many children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for tap-water scald injuries according to the National Safe Kids Campaign and the Tamper Resistant Faucet Handle would significantlyproblem.
We currently have two fully functional ptototypes that are available for licensing or investment to help bring this product to market.
We look forward to hearing about your interest in this and/or our other products. 

Please contact us at: mark@ecklundengineered.com