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Compression Spring Powered, Rigid Limb Bow

Patent No. US 6,698,413 B1

The "Compression Spring Powered, Rigid Limb Bow", a.k.a. the "R.L.B." is a patented design that is independently adjustable for draw weight, draw length and draw weight let-off in a rigid frame that is integrated to form one continuous loop in the shape of a contemporary archery bow.

The R.L.B. is the most adjustable bow ever designed and has the potential to penetrate the entire bowhunting market by being a one-size-fits-all product. The R.L.B. is adjustable to fit every archer from youth on up, while current designs fall well short of capturing even a small percentage of the market due to their lack of adjustability. The R.L.B. is the only bow that has inherently level nock travel. Complete information on the design and operation of the bow is available through Ecklund Engineered Products. 

The R.L.B. is currently in the final stages of development with marketing and business plans already completed. Opportunities for further development or investment to help bring this product to the market are now available. Demonstrations of the bow and its capabilities can be arranged by contacting us.


Please contact us at: mark@ecklundengineered.com